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Euan N.K. Clarkson FRSE (born 1937) is a British palaeontologist and writer.


Euan Clarkson studied geology at the University of Cambridge and had a long career as a palaeontologist at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.[1] Clarkson's most notable research occurred in the study of trilobites (especially visual systems),[2][3] Paleozoic stratigraphy and the description of the anatomy of the Conodont[4] animal.[5]

Euan Clarkson has a sustained record of publication and teaching, has authored some 100+ papers and other publications, including a book that is widely regarded as the "standard"[1] palaeontological text for undergraduates.[6]

Clarkson was president of the Edinburgh Geological Society (1985-87), a trustee of the Natural History Museum (1987–92) and president of the Palaeontological Association (1998–2000).[7] Clarkson was awarded the Geological Society of London's Coke medal in 2010.[1]


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