Etfal Hospital Clock Tower

Etfal Hospital Clock Tower, or Children's Hospital Clock Tower (Turkish: Etfal Hastanesi Saat Kulesi), is a clock tower situated in the garden of the Hamidiye Etfal Hospital (now Şişli Etfal Hospital) in the Şişli district of İstanbul, Turkey at the European side of Bosphorus. It was ordered by the Ottoman sultan Abdülhamid II (reigned 1876–1909) and constructed by the architect Mehmet Şükrü Bey.

Etfal Hospital Clock Tower
Etfal Hastanesi Saat Kulesi
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General information
TypeClock tower
Architectural styleOttoman architecture
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
AddressŞişli Etfal Hospital
Coordinates41°03′28.44″N 28°59′24.00″E / 41.0579000°N 28.9900000°E / 41.0579000; 28.9900000Coordinates: 41°03′28.44″N 28°59′24.00″E / 41.0579000°N 28.9900000°E / 41.0579000; 28.9900000
Height20 m (66 ft)
Design and construction
ArchitectMehmet Şükrü Bey.

The 20 m (66 ft) tall structure is made of marble and fine Hereke stone. On the front face, the tughra of Sultan Abdülhamid II is put on.

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