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Estadio de Béisbol Monclova is a stadium in Monclova, Mexico.[2] It is primarily used for baseball and is the home field of the Monclova Steelers.[2][3] It holds 8,500 people.[1]

Estadio de Béisbol Monclova
photo of stadium from outside with mountains in distance and trees in foreground
Estadio de Béisbol Monclova, April 2008
LocationMonclova, Coahuila, Mexico
Coordinates26°54′24.89″N 101°26′38.82″W / 26.9069139°N 101.4441167°W / 26.9069139; -101.4441167Coordinates: 26°54′24.89″N 101°26′38.82″W / 26.9069139°N 101.4441167°W / 26.9069139; -101.4441167
Field sizeLeft Field: 325 feet (99 m)
Center Field: 410 feet (120 m)
Right Field: 325 feet (99 m)
Opened16 March 1975[2]
Acereros de Monclova (1975–present)[2]


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