Erran Baron Cohen

Erran Boaz Baron Cohen (born 1967) is an English composer and trumpet player known for collaborations with his younger brother, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Life and careerEdit

Baron Cohen is a founding member of the world music group Zohar who are signed to Miles Copeland's Ark 21 label. He also scored the original music for his brother's films Borat, Brüno, The Dictator, and Grimsby, as well as his TV series Da Ali G Show[1] and Who Is America?.

After scoring the Borat movie, Baron Cohen was asked by the Turan Alem Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra to compose a classical piece containing Kazakh influences.[1] Baron Cohen currently sings and plays keyboards and trumpet for the pop band Ridiculous together with Jon Moss, Sebastian Wocker, and bassist Peter Noone.



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