In Greek mythology, Erodius (Ancient Greek: Ἐροδιός, romanizedErodios, lit.'heron') is the son of Autonous (son of Melaneus) and Hippodamia. He was the brother of Acanthis, Acanthus, Anthus and Schoeneus.[1] He was transformed into a heron by Zeus and Apollo.

Transformed into a bird
Personal information
ParentsAutonous and Hippodamia
SiblingsAcanthis, Acanthus, Anthus, Schoeneus


Erodius loved horses. One day, Erodius' brother Anthus led the family's mares outside the pasture. The mares went mad, attacked and devoured Anthus as his family watched helplessly, unable to save him. Zeus and Apollo took pity in them and transformed them all into birds. Erodius became a heron, as did the manservant of the family, though it was a different sort of heron.[1][2]

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