Ermsdorf (Luxembourgish: Iermsdref) is a village and former commune in eastern Luxembourg. It is part of the canton of Diekirch, which is part of the district of Diekirch.

Former commune
Ermsdorf Panorama.jpg
Coat of arms of Ermsdorf
Location of Ermsdorf
Coordinates: 49°49′44″N 6°13′17″E / 49.8289°N 6.2214°E / 49.8289; 6.2214Coordinates: 49°49′44″N 6°13′17″E / 49.8289°N 6.2214°E / 49.8289; 6.2214
Country Luxembourg
CommuneVallée de l'Ernz

As of 2005, the village of Ermsdorf, which lies in the south of the commune, has a population of 221.

Since 2011, Ermsdorf has merged with Medernach to become the "Aerenzdallgemeng" (commune Vallée de l'Ernz, Ernztalgemeinde)

Former communeEdit

The former commune consisted of the villages: