Erkkilän silta

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Erkkilän silta (the ″Erkkilä Bridge″) is a bridge located in the center of Tampere, Finland. It crosses the railway yard to the north of the Tampere Central Station, connecting the Jussinkylä and Tammela districts. The bridge is a type of steel tied-arch bridge, a combination of arch and beam bridge with a span of 42 meters. The stone ground supports of the bridge come from a bridge built in 1963 on the same site.[1] The bridge was completed in 1983.[1][2]

Erkkilän silta
Erkkila bridge in Tampere Aug2008.jpg
Erkkilä Bridge in August 2008
Coordinates61°30′09.7″N 023°46′23.6″E / 61.502694°N 23.773222°E / 61.502694; 23.773222Coordinates: 61°30′09.7″N 023°46′23.6″E / 61.502694°N 23.773222°E / 61.502694; 23.773222
CrossesTampere railway yard
LocaleTampere, Finland
Clearance above42 m (138 ft)
OpenedJune 15, 1983[1][2]

In connection with the construction of the bridge, another old ground support was reinforced with drill piles. The bridge was renovated in 2005 by, among other things, renewing the waterproofing and coating of the bridge deck and painting the steel arches.[1][3]


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