Erik Mobärg

Erik Mobärg, born 23 June 1997 in Undersåker, Jämtland, is a Swedish Skier who competes in ski cross. He is competing for Edsåsdalens SLK as of 2016. Erik started competing in ski cross at the age of 13.[1] Also called X ski or ski cross, ski cross was born in the late 1990s in the United States, which was created for the first Winter X Games. Ski cross is a fairly new sport which became an olympic sport at the winter olympic games 2010 in Vancouver.[2]

Erik Mobärg
Alpine skier
DisciplinesSki cross
ClubEdsåsdalen SLK
Born (1997-06-23) 23 June 1997 (age 23)
Undersåker, Sweden
World Cup debut13 February
(age 18)

Early lifeEdit

Erik was born in Undersåker at the foot of the mountain. With easy access to Åre and the big mountains it was obvious that skiing would become a big part of his life. With a lot of snow each winter and ten pair of skis/snowborads the choice was easy. Before ski cross became a great part of Erik’s life he devoted himself to football, gymnastics, cross country skiing and alpine skiing.[1]

He grew up with his mom, dad, a younger brother and sister. The whole family ski and enjoy the outdoor way of life. Erik's younger brother, David Mobärg, is also a ski cross athlete on the same level. Erik explains that they can push each other as they both train and compete with each other. Their little sister, Linnea Mobärg, is also getting her mind into ski cross and is already showing good results. Erik's parents have always been supportive of him.[3]

Professional careerEdit

Erik has been skiing his whole life, but did not specify in any special event until the age of 16 when he attended a Swedish ski high school (Åre Skidgymnasium). Starting off with different sports created the physical foundation he is standing on now. Football, gymnastics, cross country, free skiing and jibbing. Together with skateboarding and biking in the summer.

Erik is competing for Edsåsdalens SLK as of 2016 and the national European team. Erik attends to Åre High School, which is one of the most prestigious skiing high school in Sweden.[1]

The main motivator of Erik is to keep on growing in everything he does. He strives to be the best that he can possible become. Skiing is something that he loves to do and the training gives him the opportunity to become better and better at skiing.[1]


In Summer season, Erik use to train 5 to 6 days a week. He usually does fitness in the morning with leg workouts and upper body workouts. He also works on his balance, agility and coordination to improve his skiing skills. Moreover, in the afternoon he rides mountain bikes, rows and runs. In the Winter season, the schedule is different. In the morning, Erik skis with his teammates before going to school in the afternoon. After school, he improves his physical conditions with strength and coordination training. He used to ski 4 to 6 days a week.

To stay in shape, Erik tries to eat as little gluten and dairy as possible. He eats a lot of vegetables to stay healthy and give his body all the essential nutrients. For him it is important to eat enough, for which he tries to eat at least six meals a day.[3]

Leg muscles are important to take advantage of everything in the path of the pumping speed, to complete the whole way down. The torso and upper body are also important in the beginning, when it is important to be fast. If you are the fastest in the beginning you have a good chance to win because it can be difficult to overtake one or two riders later.[1]


Erik is aware of injuries associated with this industry. He says that he is not scared to get injured but he conducts a lot of training to minimize the risk of injuries. He has been lucky in the sense that he has never had a long break from skiing due to serious injuries. The latest injury that he had was a big concussion in spring 2016. This caused memory lapses. He couldn't tell which day, month or year it was. However, he managed to recover quickly and was back on skis after three weeks without any remaining problems.[3] In ski cross there are four main injury situations, most of them connected to the jumping situation. Contact with the other skier in the jump, bank turning and roller situations are important.[4]


Erik has his own sponsor that is Elan Skiis. Through the national Swedish team he is also sponsored by GoodYear, Bliz, Bra, Sätila, Tenzon, Idrefjäll and Sportringen.[5]

He uses a lot of different brands for competition and training. He usually trains and competes with Elan skis, Head boots, Tenzon clothing, Hestra gloves, Bliz goggles and Helmet and Swix poles. [6]


Erik mostly trains in Åre and Edsåsdalen. At camp he trains a lot in Idre and Hemavan. His favorite park is Bräcke in Åre and his favorite ski cross course is in Val Thorens, France.

He won the Swedish Cup in 2015 with a brilliant score (700 points) above Alexander Lindquist (465 points). With those results he had the opportunity to represent Sweden in his first World Cup at home in Åre in February 2015.[7][8] Erik has many greats memories in his skiing career. Few of them are when he came 4th in a European Cup and when he raced his first World Cup. The first gold at a FIS competition is something he will always remember.[3]

Competition statisticsEdit

  • Junior Swedish Championship 2016: 1st place
  • Junior World Championship, Val Thorens 2016: 8th place.
  • European Cup, Idre 2016: 4th place.
  • Swedish cup 2015: 1st place
  • World Cup Åre 2015: 36th place.


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