Eric Rohmann (born 1957 in Riverside, Illinois), is an American writer and illustrator of children's books from Chicago. Rohmann is a graduate of Illinois State University and Arizona State University. He won the 2003 Caldecott Medal for U.S. picture book illustration, recognizing My Friend Rabbit, and he was a runner-up in 1995 for Time Flies. He created a popular series based on a bulldozer that began with Bulldozer’s Big Day.[1]

Eric Rohmann
Rohmann at the 2012 Texas Book Festival
Rohmann at the 2012 Texas Book Festival
Born1957 (age 62–63)
Riverside, Illinois, USA
OccupationIllustrator, writer
GenreChildren's picture books
Notable works
Notable awardsCaldecott Medal

Picture booksEdit

  • Time Flies (1994)
  • The Cinder-Eyed Cats (2001)
  • My Friend Rabbit (2002)
  • Pumpkinhead (2003)
  • Clara and Asha (2005)
  • A Kitten Tale (2008)
  • Last Song (2010)[2]
  • Bone Dog (2011)
  • Oh, No! (2012) (Illustrator)
  • A Kitten Tale (2012)
  • Bless This Mouse (2015) (Illustrator)
  • Bulldozer's Big Day (2015) (Illustrator)
  • Bulldozer Helps Out (2017) (Illustrator)

Personal lifeEdit

Rohmann was raised one of three children and currently lives and works in Illinois. Rohmann is married to Candace Fleming and the couple have collaborated on projects including Oh, No!.[3] He is partial to coffee, popcorn, and Delacroix’s The Death of Sardanapalus.[4]


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