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The Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with jurisdiction over the state of Nebraska, except for two congregations which are in the Santee Mission of the Episcopal Diocese of South Dakota. It is in Province VI. Its cathedral, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, is in Omaha, as are the diocese's offices. It incorporates the former Episcopal Diocese of The Platte.

Diocese of Nebraska
Diocese of Nebraska seal.jpg
Ecclesiastical provinceProvince VI
Congregations53 (2014)
Members7,313 (2016)
CathedralTrinity Cathedral
Current leadership
BishopThe Rt. Rev. J. Scott Barker
Location of the Diocese of Nebraska
Location of the Diocese of Nebraska
Trinity Cathedral


  1. Robert Harper Clarkson
  2. George Worthington
  3. Arthur Llewllyn Williams
  4. Ernest Vincent Shayler, 1919-1938
  5. Howard R. Brinker
  6. Russell T. Rauscher
  7. Robert P. Varley
  8. James D. Warner
  9. James E. Krotz
  10. Joe Goodwin Burnett
  11. J. Scott Barker

Following the resignation of Joe G. Burnett, J. Scott Barker was consecrated as bishop in October 2011. His election was held during a special diocesan council meeting held at St. Mark's Pro-Cathedral in Hastings, Nebraska.

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