Epic Split

"Epic Split" is a 75-second-long commercial released in late-2013 by Volvo Trucks. It features Jean-Claude Van Damme performing gymnastic splits between two backwards moving trucks set to the music "Only Time" by Enya.[2][3]

Epic Split
Epic Split Volvo Trucks commercial.png
AgencyForsman & Bodenfors
ClientVolvo Trucks
Running time75 seconds
Release date(s)22 November 2013
Directed byAndreas Nilsson
Music byEnya, "Only Time"
Budget$3–5 million (estimated)[1]


External video
  Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test) on YouTube (1 minute, 16 seconds)

The director was Andreas Nilsson.[4] It was the sixth advert released in the series called Live Test which Swedish advertising agency Forsman & Bodenfors had created for Volvo Trucks.[3] The runway of the closed Ciudad Real Central Airport in Spain was selected as the shooting location during the five-month planning period.[4]

Following three days of rehearsals, the stunt footage featuring van Damme was recorded in a single take.[5] Van Damme was protected by a hidden safety harness and wire not visible in the final result.[5] A small platform was fitted to each truck behind the wing mirrors to support Van Damme's feet during the stunt.[4] Mikael Rosell was the driver of the truck steering sideways.[6][7] Both trucks were driving in reverse at a fixed speed of 25 kilometres per hour (16 mph), with co-drivers in each of the two trucks to help monitor the speed.[7]

Filming was performed with an Arri Alexa digital camera mounted via a boom to a camera car.[4] The long shot was done in a single take, because of the position of the sunrise.[7] Colour grading was done by The Mill and removal of reflections and safety wires was done by Swiss International.[4]


One week after release, Epic Split had been viewed online 25 million times, and after nine days reached 40 million views.[8]

Enya's music "Only Time" re-entered the Billboard Top 100 reaching number 43, thirteen years after the original release.[9] An initial international follow-up market research survey by GfK found Epic Split to be the most attention grabbing of the six adverts in the Live Test series, but less effective than the other five in causing immediate action of the viewer.[10]

Neuroscientific analysis showed that female viewers were more intrigued and engaged during the split itself; whereas male viewers sympathised with the pain possibly being felt by Van Damme, subsequently leading to high memory encoding effectiveness at the precise point of the "Volvo Dynamic Steering" message being shown.[11] By late-2014 the overall campaign was estimated to have cost $3–4 million to produce, and generated $170 million in revenue for Volvo.[1]


Less than a week after Volvo released the advert, a face-swapped variant was distributed, with Van Damme replaced by Rob Ford, then Mayor of Toronto.[12] In November 2013 during the filming of 22 Jump Street, a parody was created with actor Channing Tatum performing the splits between two food trolleys.[8]

In December 2013, a parody was created apparently showing Chuck Norris as Walker, Texas Ranger performing a similar manovuer between two aircraft to the opening lines of Hamlet.[13] As the camera pulls back eleven Commandos are seen balancing on the character's head in the shape of an illuminated Christmas tree.[13] Five years later, the director of Epic Split, Nilsson, would go on to film a commercial for Toyota Tacoma pickups featuring the real Chuck Norris.[14]


In May 2014, Epic Split won the Best in Show award from The One Club.[2] During 2014 Epic Split won a Black Pencil award from the Design and Art Direction design awards in 2014.[15] In December 2014, the advert received six prizes including the Film Grand Prix at the Eurobest awards in Helsinki, Finland.[1]

In 2015, it won another prize at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, for Creative Effectiveness.[16]


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