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Romanian Catholic Eparchy of Oradea Mare

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The Greek Catholic diocese of Oradea Mare is the Eparchy of the Romanian Greek Catholic Church for the area of Oradea.

Diocese of Oradea Mare (Gran Varadino)
Dioecesis Magnovaradinensis Romenorum
Episcopia de Oradea Mare
Sf Nicolae Oradea.JPG
The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Oradea
Country Romania
Ecclesiastical province Făgăraş and Alba Iulia
Metropolitan Greek Catholic Archdiocese of Făgăraș and Alba Iulia
- Catholics
(as of 2013)
Denomination Romanian Greek Catholic Church
Sui iuris church Romanian Greek Catholic Church
Rite Byzantine Rite
Established 23 June 1777
Cathedral Cathedral of St Nicholas, Oradea
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Major Archbishop Lucian Mureșan
Bishop Virgil Bercea
Church administrative divisions
Church administrative divisions

It was founded in 1777, followers of the Greek Rite having been up to that time under the jurisdiction of the Latin bishop. Originally the see was a suffragan of Esztergom (Gran); when, however, in 1853 the Greek Catholic Diocese of Făgăraș and Alba Iulia became the Archdiocese of Făgăraș and Alba Iulia, the diocese of Oradea Mare was transferred to its jurisdiction.[1] The see is divided into six archidiaconates and 19 vice-archidiaconates.



The list of the eparch (bishops) of the Greek Catholic Diocese of Oradea Mare is:[1]

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