Italo-Albanese Eparchy of Lungro

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The Catholic Eparchy of Lungro (Italian: Eparchia di Lungro; Albanian: Eparhia e Ungres) is in Calabria, Italy of Italo-Albanian Catholic Church.

Eparchy of Lungro

Eparchia Lungrensis

Diocesi di Lungro
La Cattedrale di Lungro costruita nel 1721.jpeg
Ecclesiastical provinceImmediately Subject to the Holy See
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2010)
32,900[2] (98.8[2]%)
DenominationItalo-Albanian Catholic Church[1]
RiteByzantine Rite[3]
Established13 February 1919[3]
CathedralSt Nicholas Cathedral, Lungro[4]
Patron saintSaint Nicholas[3]
Secular priests41[1]
Current leadership
BishopDonato Oliverio[3]
Bishops emeritusErcole Lupinacci[5]
Roman Catholic Eparchy of Lungro in Italy.svg
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It was created in 1919, as an eparchy directly subject to the Holy See, for members of the Italo-Albanian Catholic Church,[2] the Catholics of the Byzantine Rite who had emigrated, mostly from Epirus and Albania, to Sicily and Calabria.[6]

The diocese received territory from the Archdiocese of Rossano, Diocese of Cassano all'Jonio and Diocese of San Marco e Bisignano.[3]

YearPop.±% p.a.
1990 32,500—    
2000 32,800+0.09%
2005 32,965+0.10%
2009 32,900−0.05%
2010 32,900+0.00%
Source: CNEWA[1]


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