Epameinondas Charisiadis

Epameinondas Charisiadis (Greek: Επαμεινώνδας Χαρισιάδης) was a Greek revolutionary of the Northern Epirus movement, politician and doctor.

Charisiadis was born in Korçë,[1] in modern southern Albania, then Ottoman Empire.[2] In 1914, he was among the local Greek community who organized units of volunteers, known as "Sacred Bands", to defend Korce from eminent incorporation to the newly established Albanian principality.[2] Charisiadis was one of the main Northern Epirote leaders who participated in the anti-Albanian uprising of March 1914 in Korçë. During the rebellion he formed an armed unit in Bilisht and attempted to reinforce the revolutionaries in Korçë.[3]

Charisiadis was elected as member of the Greek parliament (1915-1917) for the Korytsa prefecture, when his homeland came under Greek control.[4][5] In December 1940, during World War II, Korçë came again under Greek control during the Greco-Italian War. Charisiadis was among the local Greek-Albanian committee who signed the surrender protocol of Korçë.[6]


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