Envision Education is a charter school management organization, founded in June 2002 by Daniel McLaughlin and Bob Lenz,[2] that currently runs five charter-based public high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.[3] The schools in the network are intended to reach minority and disadvantaged students who have not succeeded in traditional, large urban public high schools.[4]

Envision Education
TypeCharter schools
FounderBob Lenz & Daniel McLaughlin[1]


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helped launch the school network with a $3 million investment in 2003 to form an initial group of five charter schools.[5] In 2006, the foundation invested another $6.9 million aimed at helping the program duplicate its arts and technology programs.




Instructional modelEdit

Envision high schools are small and academically rigorous and use project-based learning, art and technology. This is predicated on studies that show that students in small high schools fare better academically than those in large ones. Envision's mission is to transform the lives of students - especially those who will be the first in their families to attend college - by preparing them for success in college and in life.[8] Envision also focuses on a deeper learning approach, by which students can gain the 21st Century Skills of collaboration, critical thinking, project management, and analysis.[9]


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