Ministry of Environmental Protection (Israel)

The Ministry of Environmental Protection (Hebrew: המשרד להגנת הסביבה, HaMisrad LeHaganat HaSviva; Arabic: وزارة حماية البيئة) is a government ministry in Israel. It was formerly known as the Ministry of the Environment (Hebrew: המשרד לאיכות הסביבה, HaMisrad LeEikhut HaSviva).

Ministry of Environmental Protection
המשרד להגנת הסביבה
Agency overview
JurisdictionGovernment of Israel
Minister responsible

The ministry operates on three levels: national, regional and local: At the national level it is responsible for the formulation of a nationwide integrated, and inclusive policy for the protection of the environment. At the regional level, through its six districts, the ministry, among others, oversees the implementation of the national environmental policy, engages in local planning processes, assists municipalities with their environmental responsibilities and supervise them when formulating requirements for the acquisition of business licenses. At the local level the ministry lends support to environmental units and towns associations that have been established in municipalities throughout the country.[1]

Climate Change is a major area in which the ministry operates. The prime objective of the ministry in this area is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) from all sources in the Israeli economy. In the run-up to the UNFCCC convention in Paris in 2015 the ministry has led an inter-ministerial committee that examined a range of GHG emissions reduction targets for 2030 and formulated the strategy for meeting these targets. The ministry is also responsible for preparing and submitting Israel's different Climate Change reports to the UNFCCC. The ministry focuses its activities on policies and measures to promote renewable energy, switch from coal to natural gas in the power sector and to ramp up the implementation of energy efficiency measures across the economy.

A basic volunteer for the ministry is called a "Ne'eman Nikayon", translated literally as a "clean trustee" but more accurately described as a volunteer cleanliness protection officer. They are certified under the "Cleanliness protection law of 1984". A volunteer must pass a one-day course where they learn the basic laws involved in their ability to report violations of Israeli littering laws. Once certified, a volunteer can write out tickets against violators and submit them directly to the ministry for processing. In almost all cases a simple fine is issued (ranging from 250–8000 Israeli new sheqels), but under some circumstances the case may be sent automatically to a judge (especially in the case of a repeat offender) to determine special punishment.

The environmental protection ministry has paid inspectors (Pakachim) who serve in a similar capacity as a basic volunteer, as well as holding additional powers according to Israeli law.

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The Environmental Protection Minister of Israel (Hebrew: שר להגנת הסביבה, Sar LeHaganat HaSviva) is the political head of the ministry. The post was created on 22 December 1988,[2] and until May 2006 was known as the Minister of the Environment (Hebrew: שר לאיכות הסביבה, Sar LeEikhut HaSviva). There have been Deputy Ministers on multiple occasions.

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end Notes
Minister of the Environment
1 Roni Milo Likud 23 22 December 1988 7 March 1990
2 Rafael Edri Alignment 23 7 March 1990 15 March 1990
3 Yitzhak Shamir Likud 24 11 June 1990 13 July 1992 Serving Prime Minister
4 Ora Namir Labor Party 25 13 July 1992 31 December 1992
5 Yossi Sarid Meretz 25, 26 31 December 1992 18 June 1996
6 Rafael Eitan Tzomet 27 28 June 1996 6 July 1999
7 Dalia Itzik One Israel 28 6 July 1999 7 March 2001
8 Tzachi Hanegbi Likud 29 7 March 2001 28 February 2003
9 Yehudit Naot Shinui 30 28 February 2003 17 October 2004
10 Ilan Shalgi Shinui 30 29 November 2004 4 December 2004 Acting Minister
11 Shalom Simhon Labor Party 30 10 January 2005 23 November 2005
12 Gideon Ezra Kadima 30 18 January 2006 4 May 2006
Minister of Environmental Protection
Gideon Ezra Kadima 31 4 May 2006 31 March 2009
13 Gilad Erdan Likud 32 31 March 2009 18 March 2013
14 Amir Peretz Hatnuah 33 18 March 2013 9 November 2014
15 Avi Gabbay Not an MK 34 14 May 2015 31 May 2016 Member of Kulanu
16 Moshe Kahlon Kulanu 34 31 May 2016 1 August 2016
17 Ze'ev Elkin Likud 34 1 August 2016 17 May 2020
18 Gila Gamliel Likud 35 17 May 2020 13 June 2021
19 Tamar Zandberg Meretz 36 13 June 2021 29 December 2022
20 Idit Silman Likud 37 29 December 2022

Deputy ministers edit

# Minister Party Government Term start Term end
1 Yigal Bibi National Religious Party 24 20 November 1990 13 July 1992
2 Ofir Akunis Likud 33 9 December 2014 14 May 2015
3 Yaron Mazuz Likud 34 2 August 2016 30 April 2019

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