Enver Hadžihasanović

Enver Hadžihasanović (born 7 July 1950) is a convicted war criminal and former Bosnian chief of staff of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Enver Hadžihasanović
Born (1950-07-07) 7 July 1950 (age 71)
Zvornik, PR Bosnia and Herzegovina, FPR Yugoslavia
AllegianceSocialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Service/branchArmy of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Years of service1973–2000
RankMajor General
Commands heldCommander of the 3rd Corps

Military careerEdit

Hadžihasanović graduated from the military academy in Belgrade in 1973. He then was transferred to the military stations in Tuzla and Sarajevo. As captain first class he led the command in the military academy in Belgrade. After that school closed, he was given the rank of major and commanded the battalion of the military police of the 7th Army in 1988. After a while he was given the command of the 49th Motorized Brigade. That brigade was later transformed into a mechanized brigade; at the end of 1989 he was the commander of that brigade, with the rank of lieutenant colonel.[citation needed]

Military house confinementEdit

In the beginning of April 1992, Hadžihasanović was sentenced to military house confinement in Sarajevo by the Yugoslav People's Army, after which he deserted the JNA.[citation needed]

Bosnian WarEdit

After Enver quit the JNA, he joined the Territorial Defence Force of the Republic of Bosnia and Hercegovina (TO RBiH) of Bosnia. On 14 November 1992 Enver became the commander of the 3rd Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH). He held that position until 1 November 1993 when he became the exchange chief of staff of the high command of the ARBiH.[citation needed]

After the warEdit

From 1996 to 2000, when he retired, Hadžihasanović was a member of the Chief of Staff of the Federation Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina.[citation needed]

War crimesEdit

Hadzihasanović was found guilty for failing to prevent the death of a prisoner of war and cruel treatment, on the basis of superior criminal responsibility and sentenced to five years in prison. He appealed against the first-instance judgment and was released provisionally in June 2007 pending the judgement of the Appeals Chamber.[1][2] On 22 April 2008 the Appeals Chamber reduced his sentence to 3½ years.[citation needed]

Military ranksEdit

Yugoslav People's ArmyEdit

Army of the Republic of Bosnia and HerzegovinaEdit


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