Enter Suicidal Angels

Enter Suicidal Angels is the second EP by the Swedish melodic death metal band Dark Tranquillity. It was recorded during the sessions for The Mind's I[1] and it was also released as bonus tracks of the reissue of The Mind's I. Another reissue of the EP was released in October 2010 as a Gramophone record.[2] In terms of the standard issue of this album, this is the only Dark Tranquillity release that Martin Henriksson does not have a writing credit. The song "Zodijackyl Light" was also included on The Mind's I. The song "Archetype" is in the vein of industrial and techno.

Enter Suicidal Angels
DarkTranquillity EnterSuicidalAngels.jpg
EP by
Released25 November 1996
GenreMelodic death metal
ProducerFredrik Nordström
Dark Tranquillity chronology
The Gallery
Enter Suicidal Angels
The Mind's I

Track listingEdit

All lyrics are written by Mikael Stanne.

1."Zodijackyl Light"Niklas Sundin, Fredrik Johansson3:59
2."Razorfever"Sundin, Anders Jivarp3:16
3."Shadowlit Facade"Johansson3:25
4."Archetype"Johansson, Fredrik Nordström4:29
Total length:15:09
The Mind's I's Osmose Productions Special "Deluxe" Edition (2004)
1."Dreamlore Degenerate"StanneHenriksson, Sundin2:44
2."Zodijackyl Light"StanneSundin, Johansson3:59
3."Hedon"SundinHenriksson, Sundin5:37
4."Scythe, Rage and Roses"StanneHenriksson2:33
5."Constant"StanneSundin, Johansson3:02
6."Dissolution Factor Red"Sundin, StanneJohansson, Sundin2:07
7."Insanity's Crescendo"StanneHenriksson, Johansson, Sundin6:52
8."Still Moving Sinews"Sundin, StanneSundin, Johansson4:42
9."Atom Heart 243.5"SundinSundin, Johansson, Henriksson4:00
10."Tidal Tantrum"StanneJohansson2:57
11."Tongues"SundinHenriksson, Johansson, Sundin4:53
12."The Mind's Eye"(Instrumental)Palm, Johansson3:11
13."Razorfever"StanneSundin & Jivarp3:16
14."Shadowlit Facade"StanneJohansson3:25
15."Archetype"StanneJohansson & Nordström4:29
16."Zodijackyl Light (Video)"StanneSundin, Johansson3:59
17."Hedon (Video)"SundinHenriksson, Sundin5:37



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