Enshō-ji (Nara)

Enshō-ji (圓照寺 or 円照寺) is a Buddhist temple complex in Nara founded by Queen Bunchi, daughter of Emperor Go-Mizunoo, in 1656. Together with Chūgū-ji and Hokke-ji, it is considered one of the Three Yamato Monzeki (大和三門跡), or imperial temples, belonging to the Myōshin-ji school of Rinzai Zen.[1]

Enshouji gate.JPG

The temple served as model for Gesshū-ji (月修寺) in Yukio Mishima's Spring Snow and was used as one of the locations for the filming of its 2005 dramatization.

The temple is not open to the public.


Coordinates: 34°38′37″N 135°50′44″E / 34.643728°N 135.845613°E / 34.643728; 135.845613

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