English Shinty Association

The English Shinty Association (ESA) is the main body for promoting and encouraging the sport of shinty in England.

The English Shinty Association, Comann Camanachd Shasainn, Kowethas Kammonieth Inglond
TypeSports federation
Shinty clubs based in England
Official language
English, Scots Gaelic, Cornish, Doric
Melissa Charlton

History of shinty in EnglandEdit

Shinty was previously played widely in England in the 19th century and early 20th century, with teams such as London Scots, Bolton Caledonian, Cottonopolis and evidence to suggest it was played in some form in Cumberland, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Nottingham, and Lincoln. Nottingham Forest F.C. was established by shinty and bandy players[1] as Nottingham Forest Football and Bandy Club.[2] There is evidence to support that Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge were used for shinty matches in the 19th century.[1]

Shinty died out in England until only London Camanachd remained and they themselves struggled throughout the late 20th century into the new millennium. There was a Northallerton Camanachd in the late 60s to early 80s, and interest was maintained by the links to the nearby military base, but they only competed periodically.

The revival of the London Club has sparked interest in Cornwall, and Cornwall were finally able to offer London some 'local' opposition in March 2012. London's success grew and the English Capital's side hosted a successful tournament in September 2011 featuring the hosts, Cornwall and the SCOTS Camanachd. [3] The influence of the SCOTS and the tradition of English shinty being run by Scottish university graduates saw the resurrection of shinty in Northallerton under the name Northallerton Shinty Club.

Atkins UK donated Helmets to the association to help provide protection, especially to the youth players, at club and international level.

Recent historyEdit

The English Shinty Association was founded in 2013 by three ex-University Shinty players with a passion for reviving the game in England. The three players in question, Matt Mossop, Graham Love and Alan MacDonald, had already founded/revived teams in their respective areas, Cornwall, London and Northallerton.

With London crowned English Champions at the Shinty Shop Challenge Cup on goal difference over Cornwall at Bristol's expense, ESA organized the historic first shinty international against the USA in 2013 (England 2- USA 0), ESA entered the Bullough Cup for the first time in 2013, whilst its constituent teams were represented at St Andrews Sixes in 2013.

Expansion continued in 2014, entering the Bullough Cup, running a tour to Scotland and various festivals being run in London, Cornwall and other locations in England.


The association currently supports five clubs: Cornwall Shinty Club, Oxford Shinty Club (set up in 2013), Devon Shinty Club, Bristol Shinty Club and the oldest shinty club in England, London Camanachd.

The committee was expanded in 2014 to facilitate the development of Women's and University Shinty as well as overseeing the day-to-day running of the association.

The English Shinty Association is an affiliated member of the Camanachd Association, the world's governing body for shinty.

Clubs and teamsEdit

The association has a varied range of teams under its auspices.

There are five major clubs in England who are affiliated as separate members of the Camanachd Association.

  • London Camanachd, the oldest team in England, which have a long history of competition in Scottish cup competitions.
  • Cornwall Shinty Club, also known as the Pasties.
  • Oxford Shinty Club, also known as the Oxos.
  • Devon Shinty Club, also known as the Moor Men, due to training on Dartmoor and having a high percentage Mormon playing squad.
  • Bristol Shinty Club, also known as the Prisoners due to their links with HMP Bristol.


The association runs the English Shinty League and the English Shinty Championship, played for the Shinty Shop Challenge Cup. This was first played in 2012 in Flax Bourton. 2013 was played in Bristol.

English Shinty LeagueEdit

  • 2019 London
  • 2020 Not Held
  • 2021 London
2019 English Shinty League Table
Team Games Played Won Drawn Lost Points
London 4 4 0 0 8
Oxford 4 2 1 0 5
Cornwall 3 2 0 1 4
Bristol 4 1 1 2 3
Devon 3 0 0 3 0
2019 English Shinty League Table
Team Games Played Won Drawn Lost Points
London 8 6 1 1 19
Cornwall 8 6 0 2 18
English Development 8 4 1 3 13
Oxford 8 3 0 5 9
Devon 8 0 0 8 0

Winners of English ChampionshipEdit

  • 2012 Title Shared - London & Cornwall
  • 2013 London
  • 2014 London
  • 2015 Cornwall
  • 2016 Cornwall
  • 2017 Cornwall
  • 2018 London
  • 2019 London
  • 2020 Not held (Due to disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic)
  • 2021 Not held (Due to disruption caused by Covid-19 pandemic)

International activitiesEdit

For more information see English Shinty Team

The association co-ordinates the English Shinty Team. In 2013 The English side competed in the Bullough Cup against Tayforth Camanachd, but were beaten 11-1. [4]

They also participated in an International challenge match against the USA, where England ran out 2-0 winners.


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