Endless Pain

Endless Pain is the debut studio album by German thrash metal band Kreator, released in October 1985 by Noise Records.[1]

Endless Pain
Original album cover
Studio album by
Released1 October 1985[1]
RecordedMarch 1985
StudioCAT Studio (Berlin, Germany)
GenreBlack metal, thrash metal
ProducerHorst Müller
Kreator chronology
Endless Pain
Flag of Hate
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic2.5/5 stars[2]
Rock Hard7.5/10[3]

The album combines elements of black metal and thrash metal, ultimately creating a black-metal influenced thrash sound inspired by bands like Venom, Mercyful Fate, and Bathory.[4][5] On this album both Petrozza and Reil share vocal duties.

Track listingEdit

All tracks are written by Fioretti, Petrozza and Reil.

Side one
1."Endless Pain"Reil3:32
2."Total Death"Petrozza3:28
3."Storm of the Beast"Reil5:01
5."Son of Evil"Reil4:16
Side two
1."Flag of Hate"Petrozza4:42
2."Cry War"Reil3:45
3."Bone Breaker"Petrozza2:58
4."Living in Fear"Reil3:12
5."Dying Victims"Petrozza4:51
1989 reissue edition
1."Endless Pain"3:32
2."Total Death"3:28
3."Storm of the Beast"5:01
5."Son of Evil"4:16
6."Take Their Lives" (bonus track; taken from Flag of Hate EP)6:26
7."Flag of Hate" (re-recorded version; taken from Flag of Hate EP)3:56
8."Cry War"3:45
9."Bone Breaker"2:58
10."Living in Fear"3:12
11."Dying Victims"4:51
12."Awakening of the Gods" (bonus track; taken from Flag of Hate EP)7:33
Total length:51:52
2017 remastered edition bonus tracks
11."Satan's Day" (demo; taken from Tormentor's Blitzkrieg demo)3:34
12."Messenger from Burning Hell" (demo; taken from Tormentor's Blitzkrieg demo)4:14
13."Armies of Hell" (demo; taken from Tormentor's End of the World demo)5:19
14."Tormentor" (demo; taken from Tormentor's End of the World demo)2:55
15."Cry War" (demo; taken from Tormentor's End of the World demo)4:21
16."Bonebreaker" (demo; taken from Tormentor's End of the World demo)4:02
Total length:24:25



Technical personnelEdit

  • Jürgen Crasser – mastering
  • Horst Müller – production
  • Phil Lawvere – artwork

2017 re-release

  • Jan Meininghaus – art, design
  • Thomas Ewerhard – art, design
  • Andy Pearce – mastering
  • Matt Wortham – mastering
  • Malcolm Dome – sleeve notes


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