Employment Policy Convention, 1964

Employment Policy Convention, 1964 is an International Labour Organization convention.

Employment Policy Convention, 1964
ILO Convention
Date of adoption9 July 1964
Date in force15 July 1966
ClassificationEmployment Policy
SubjectEmployment policy and Promotion
PreviousEmployment Injury Benefits Convention, 1964
NextMinimum Age (Underground Work) Convention, 1965

It was established in 1964, with the preamble stating:

Considering that the Declaration of Philadelphia recognises the solemn obligation of the International Labour Organisation to further among the nations of the world programmes which will achieve full employment and the raising of standards of living, and that the Preamble to the Constitution of the International Labour Organisation provides for the prevention of unemployment and the provision of an adequate living wage,...

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As of November 2021, the convention has been ratified by 115 states.

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