Empire (Scott Colley album)

Empire is an album led by jazz bassist Scott Colley which was recorded in 2009 and released by the CAM Jazz label.[1][2]

Empire (Scott Colley album).jpg
Studio album by
RecordedJune 1 & 4, 2009
StudioSear Sound Studio, NYC
LabelCAM Jazz
CAM 5036
ProducerErmanno Basso, Scott Colley
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Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic     [3]
All About Jazz     [4]

The AllMusic review by Ken Dryden states "when Colley has had the opportunity to record as a leader, he has explored provocative originals interpreted with a crop of great players from his generation ... This often subtle release deserves a quiet setting to be truly appreciated, it is easily one of Scott Colley's finest recordings".[3]

On All About Jazz, John Kelman's review called it "a sure contender for one of 2010's top picks" and said "Empire may have been a long time coming, but arrives with an even more definitive sense of purpose and, given the chameleon-like demands on Colley as a sideman, a clear, cohesive and cogent conceptual voice".[4]

NPR's Kevin Whitehead noted "Colley's lyrical and catchy tunes bring Empire halfway home, but it's the players who complete the job; who breathe life into the frameworks he builds. This is heartland music born in Manhattan".[5]

BBC Music's Lara Bellini said "Colley’s writing is superb ... Tagging along on his rhythmical discourse is an exciting, never predictable journey, and definitely never a soulless one. Colley is engaging, propelling the action forward with a relentless sense of swing, and Empire is excellent".[6]

Track listingEdit

All compositions by Scott Colley

  1. "January" – 4:53
  2. "The Gettin Place" – 8:24
  3. "For Sophia" – 5:20
  4. "5:30 AM" – 7:23
  5. "Speculation" – 6:46
  6. "Tomorrowland" – 3:23
  7. "Now What?" – 6:14
  8. "Gut" – 4:07
  9. "Five-Two" – 6:12
  10. "Five-Two.2" – 2:01



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