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Emirati Americans are Americans who have roots, origin and descent from the United Arab Emirates.

Emirati Americans
Total population
American English · Gulf Arabic
Sunni Islam



There are over 2,000 Emiratis in the US, the vast majority of whom are students pursuing education across various universities and institutes.[2] According to a report produced by the Institute of International Education, there were more than 1,200 Emiratis living and studying at US universities during the 2008–09 academic year.[3][4] This was a 24 percent jump from the previous year and reflected the growing trend of Emirati students choosing the U.S. as a base for higher education.[4]

Out of those figures, 60 percent were undergraduate students, 17 percent were graduate and 21 percent were studying at a non-degree (English language and other short-term training or non-degree programme) level. A further 2 per cent were proceeding with optional practical training after the conclusion of their academic courses.[4] The UAE government has implemented a wide range of services to Emirati nationals in the US, often in the form of financial support and funding. It is estimated that there is a very small diaspora, mainly because the UAE provides them with more than adequate welfare benefits, removing the need to live and work in other developed countries.[5] Some long-settled Emiratis in the US have acquired American citizenship over the years.[6]

The US remains one of the most popular destinations for Emirati students.[7] As of the 2012/13 academic year, there were over 2,250 UAE students studying in the US.[1]

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