Emilio Taruffi

Emilio Taruffi (1633–1696) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period.

Emilio Taruffi
Emilio Taruffi - Vite de pittori Bolognesi non descritte nella Felsina pittrice 05.png
Known forPainting

He was a fellow-pupil with Carlo Cignani in the studio of Francesco Albani, then a pupil of the former. Active first at Bologna, in decorating the public hall, and next at Rome, where he resided three years, sometimes employed at Sant' Andrea della Valle and in private houses. He also conducted some altar-pieces, and that of San Pier Celestino, at the church of that name, yields to few of the same period. Maria Elena Panzacchi was one of his pupils. He was apparently assassinated.


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