Embassy of Sweden, Paris

The Embassy of Sweden in Paris is Sweden's diplomatic mission in France.

Embassy of Sweden in Paris
Ambassade de Suède en France.jpg
AddressAmbassade de Suède
17, rue Barbet de Jouy
75007 Paris
Coordinates48°51′12″N 2°19′4″E / 48.85333°N 2.31778°E / 48.85333; 2.31778
AmbassadorHåkan Åkesson (since 2020)
WebsiteOfficial website



In the 1910s, the chancery building was located at 58 Avenue Marceau in Paris.[1] In the late 1930s, the chancery moved around the corner to 25 rue de Bassano and the residence was still at 58 Avenue Marceau.[2] In the late 1960s, the chancery moved to 66 rue Boissière in the 16th arrondissement.[3] In the 1970s, the consulate department was located at 125 Avenue des Champs-Élysées.[4]

Since 1974, the chancery and residence is located at 17 rue Barbet de Jouy at Rive Gauche in the 7th arrondissement. The embassy site was bought in 1959 by the Swedish state for 2 million Swedish krona.[5] A Swedish architect was first hired to draw up a proposal for an embassy and ambassadorial residence. When the drawings were not accepted by the French licensing authority, it was instead a Frenchman who came up with the final proposal. The architect André Malizard's proposal has been described as "functional architecture from the 1970s". In 1974, it was possible to move into the new embassy. The facility consists of an office, residence and staff housing and the interior is managed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs' property department itself.[5]

In 2005, the National Property Board of Sweden carried out a major rebuild and modernization of the chancery. The top floor with cell offices was converted into open office space, meeting rooms and staff rooms with kitchenettes. Around the top floor runs a terrace which is now accessible to all staff. The ground floor was adapted for accessibility and the large conference room was modernized with access to the garden. In 2009, the OECD delegation moved into the premises and in 2011 the consular department was moved down to the ground floor. At the beginning of 2015, an energy saving project was carried out at the facility. New ventilation ducts and a new heating system were installed.[5]


From at least the 1910s to the late 1930s, the residence was located at the same address as the chancery, at 58 Avenue Marceau. The chancery moved to another address around the corner in the late 1930s.[2] Since 1974, the residence is co-located with the chancery at 17 rue Barbet de Jouy at Rive Gauche in the 7th arrondissement. The residence was renovated in 2015. New ventilation ducts and a new heating system were installed. All windows and window doors in the residence have been given modern energy glass.[5]

Heads of MissionEdit

Name Period Title
Hugo Grotius 1634–1645 ?
Clas Åkesson Tott 1661–1662 ?
Otto Wilhelm Königsmarck 1665–1666 ?
Clas Åkesson Tott 1672–1674 ?
Johan Palmquist 1689–1703 ?
Daniel Cronström 1702–1719 ?
Carl Gustaf Friesendorff 1712 ?
Erik Sparre af Sundby 1714–1717 ?
Carl Gustaf Bielke 1719–1721 Envoy
Niklas Peter von Gedda 1722–1725 Minister Resident
Niklas Peter von Gedda 1725–1728 Envoy
Niklas Peter von Gedda 1728–1737 Minister Plenipotentiary
Per Axel Fleming 1738–1742 Minister
Carl Gustaf Tessin 1739–1742 Ambassador
Claes Ekeblad 1742–1744 Envoy
Carl Fredrik Scheffer 1744–1752 Envoy
Ulrik Scheffer 1752–1763 Envoy
Ulrik Scheffer 1763–1765 Ambassador
Gustaf Philip Creutz 1766–1772 Envoy
Gustaf Philip Creutz 1772–1783 Ambassador
Erik Magnus Staël von Holstein 1783–1791 Ambassador
Erik Magnus Staël von Holstein 1792–1796 Ambassador
Erik Magnus Staël von Holstein 1797–1799 Minister Plenipotentiary
Carl August Ehrensvärd 1800–1804 Envoy
Gustaf Lagerbielke 1810–1811 Envoy
Germund Ludvig Cederhielm 1811–1811 Envoy
Abraham Constantin Mouradgea d’Ohsson 1811–1813 Chargé d’affaires
Eolf Signeul 1815–1817 Chargé d’affaires
Carl Hochschild 1817–1818 Chargé d’affaires
Gustaf Löwenhielm 1818–1856 Envoy
Ludvig Manderström 1856–1858 Envoy
Georg Nicolaus Adelswärd 1858–1877 Envoy
Georg Sibbern 1878–1884 Envoy
Carl Lewenhaupt 1884–1889 Envoy
Frederik Georg Knut Due 1890–1899 Envoy
Henrik Åkerman 1899–1905 Envoy
August Gyldenstolpe 1905–1918 Envoy
Albert Ehrensvärd 1918–1934 Envoy
Einar Hennings 1934–1944 Envoy
Erik Boheman 1944–1947 Envoy
Karl Ivan Westman 1947–1947 Envoy
Karl Ivan Westman 1947–1956 Ambassador
Ragnar Kumlin 1956–1965 Ambassador
Rolf R:son Sohlman 1965–1967 Ambassador
Gunnar Hägglöf 1967–1971 Ambassador
Ingemar Hägglöf 1971–1978 Ambassador
Sverker Åström 1978–1982 Ambassador
Carl Lidbom 1982–1992 Ambassador
Stig Brattström 1992–1996 Ambassador
Örjan Berner 1996–2001 Ambassador
Frank Belfrage 2001–2006 Ambassador
Krister Kumlin 2006–2007 Chargé d'affaires ad interim (acting)
Gunnar Lund 2007–2014 Ambassador
Veronika Wand-Danielsson 2014–2020 Ambassador
Håkan Åkesson 2020–present Ambassador

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