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José Eloy Palacios, (June 25, 1847 - December 12, 1919), was a Venezuelan artist, sculptor and painter.

Eloy Palacios
Eloy Palacios, 1874.jpg
Born(1847-06-25)June 25, 1847
DiedDecember 12, 1919(1919-12-12) (aged 72)
Monument to La India

He was born in Maturín, Monagas, Venezuela. He studied in Germany and returned to Venezuela in 1873. After Antonio Guzmán Blanco was offended by a portrait that Palacios made of him, Palacios was exiled in Trinidad, Costa Rica and Germany. Eloy Palacios died in Havana, Cuba on December 12, 1919. The Escuela Técnica de Artes Plásticas Eloy Palacios was named in his honor.

Important worksEdit