Ellenborough Market, also known as Teochew Market, New Market, Sin Pa Sat and Pasar Bahru, was a market on Ellenborough Street along the Singapore River in Singapore. The market was demolished following a fire in 1968.



Construction of a market named after Edward Law, 1st Earl of Ellenborough began in May 1845 by engineer Charles Edward Faber.[1] Faber was criticised for shoddily constructing the market, with cracks in several parts of the walls.[1] An extension was built next to the building in 1899, and was made using a cast iron structure from an exhibition Edinburgh.[1] A proposal for an extension was made in 1947 to modernise the market.[2] Construction of a one-way street around the market was approved in 1952 to speed up deliveries to the market.[3] The market was known for selling seafood, especially fish.[4][5] The market was also known as Teochew Market, as the area had a high population of Teochews, and was known as Pasar Bahru in Malay and Sin Pa Sat in Hokkien, both of which translate to "New Market".[4]

On 30 January 1968, the market was destroyed due to a fire and was subsequently demolished to make way for urban developments.[1] The site of the market is currently occupied by the Swissotel Merchant Court hotel and The Central mall.[4]



The Ellenborough Market Cafe in the Swissotel Merchant Court is named after the market.[4]


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