Eleven Hundred Springs

Eleven Hundred Springs is a country music band from Dallas, Texas.

History Edit

Eleven Hundred Springs was founded by Matt Hillyer (lead vocalist, guitar, primary songwriter), Steven Berg (bass), and Richie Vasquez (drums) in 1998. Prior to forming Eleven Hundred Springs, Matt and Steven had played together in three previous bands, most notably the Dallas rockabilly band Lone Star Trio. The band's early days included a lengthy Monday night residency at Adair's in Deep Ellum. It was during this time that the band's first album, Welcome to Eleven Hundred Springs, was recorded, as well as Live at Adair's.

Over the years, the band has had several lineup changes, with key band member Jordan Hendrix joining the group in 2006.

The most recent, and what proved to be the band's final lineup was put together in October 2016.

On June 9, 2021, lead singer/songwriter Matt Hillyer announced via his Facebook page that, “with bittersweet feelings that we've decided to bring the band to an end.”

On Friday November 26, 2021, the band played its final farewell show at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas.

Band members Edit

  • Matt Hillyer - Lead guitar, lead vocals
  • Steven Berg - Upright and electric bass, backing vocals
  • Jordan Hendrix- Fiddle
  • Chad Rueffer- Lead guitar, backing vocals, some lead vocals
  • Ray Austin- Steel Guitar, dobro
  • Christian Dorn- Percussion

Former band members Edit

  • Drums - Richie Vasquez, Bruce Alford, Mark Reznicek (currently with The Toadies), Brian Ferguson, Arjuna Contreras
  • Guitar - Chris Claridy (currently with Cody Jinks)
  • Fiddle - Jason Garner
  • Steel guitar - Aaron Wynne, Danny Crelin, Burton Lee

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