Elena Asenina of Bulgaria

Elena of Bulgaria was an empress consort of Nicaea, married to Theodore II Laskaris (r. 1254–1258). She was daughter of Bulgarian Emperor Ivan Asen II and Anna Maria of Hungary.


Born in c. 1224 to Bulgarian Emperor Ivan Asen II and Anna Maria of Hungary, she was the sister of emperor Kaliman I of Bulgaria and princess Tamara of Bulgaria.[1] Her maternal grandparents were king Andrew II of Hungary and Gertrude of Merania. On the paternal side, Emperor Ivan Asen I of Bulgaria and Elena of Bulgaria.

She was betrothed to Baldwin II of Courtenay, the last Latin emperor before marrying Theodore.

As part of an alliance between her father and the Nicaean emperor John III Vatatzes, negotiations began in 1233 on a marriage between her and Vatatzes' son and heir, Theodore II Laskaris. This took place finally in 1235 at Gallipoli.[1] She died in the spring or summer of 1252.[2]

Her husband died in 1258 and their son, John IV Laskaris, who was only seven years old, became emperor.


Elena and Theodore had five children:[1]


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Elena Asenina of Bulgaria
Born: c. 1224 Died: 1252
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Preceded by Empress consort of Nicaea
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