Electoral district of Northern Territory

The Electoral district of Northern Territory was an electoral district of the South Australian House of Assembly from 1890 to 1911. The electorate encompassed all of what is the Northern Territory when the Territory was included as part of South Australia for political purposes.

Northern Territory
South AustraliaHouse of Assembly
StateSouth Australia
NamesakeNorthern Territory
Coordinates20°S 133°E / 20°S 133°E / -20; 133Coordinates: 20°S 133°E / 20°S 133°E / -20; 133

The district returned two members at each election and supported independent members for much of its existence.

The most prominent member for the electorate was Vaiben Louis Solomon, the twenty-first Premier of South Australia.


Member Party Term Member Party Term
  Vaiben Louis Solomon 1890–1901   J. L. Parsons 1890–1893
  Walter Griffiths 1893–1900
  C. E. Herbert National League 1900–1905
  S. J. Mitchell 1901–1906
  Vaiben Louis Solomon 1905–1905
  Liberal and Democratic 1906–1910   National League 1906–1908
  Thomas Crush Labor 1908–1911
  J. A. V. Brown Farmers and Producers 1910–1910  
  Liberal Union 1910–1911  

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