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Elections in Maldives gives information on election and election results in the Maldives.

Maldives elects on national level a head of state, the president, and a legislature. The president is elected directly for a five-year term by the people.

The Assembly (Majlis) has 88 members . All members are elected directly for a term of five years from 88 single-member constituencies.


Latest electionsEdit

2019 parliamentary electionEdit

2018 presidential electionEdit

2014 parliamentary electionEdit

2013 presidential electionEdit

2011 local council electionEdit

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2009 parliamentary electionEdit

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2008 presidential electionEdit

The 2008 presidential election was the first democratic election in the history of the Maldives. Mohamed Nasheed beat incumbent Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

Party Candidate Running mate First round Second round
Votes Percentage Votes Percentage
Democratic-Alliance Mohamed Nasheed Mohammed Waheed Hassan 44,293 24.91% 97,222 53.65%
Dhivehi Rayyithunge Maumoon Abdul Gayoom (inc.) Ahmed Thasmeen Ali 71,779 40.34% 82,121 45.32%
Independent Hassan Saeed Ahmed Shaheed 29,633 16.67%
Republican Qasim Ibrahim Ahmed Ali Sawaad 27,056 15.22%
Islamic Democratic Umar Naseer Ahmed Rizwy 2,472 1.39%
Social Liberal Ibrahim Ismail Fathimath Nahid Shakir 1,382 0.77%
Invalid or blank votes 1,235 0.69% 1,861 1.03%
Totals 177,802 100.00% 181,204 100.00%
Voter turnout 85.38% 86.58%

2005 parliamentary electionEdit

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