Eleanor Tinsley Park

Coordinates: 29°45′41″N 95°22′40″W / 29.7614°N 95.3777°W / 29.7614; -95.3777

Eleanor Tinsley Park is a section of Buffalo Bayou Park in Houston, Texas. It was designated on April 20, 1998 in honor of Eleanor Tinsley, who served as a member of the Houston City Council At-Large for 16 years.[1]

Downtown Houston from Eleanor Tinsley Park

The park houses the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark, the Shady Grove Victim Memorial, a Henry Moore sculpture entitled "Large Spindle Piece", the Houston Police Officers' Memorial, Glenwood Cemetery, the San Felipe playground, jogging trails, and a sand pit which can be used for volleyball.

Because the park straddles three ZIP codes (77002, 77007, and 77019)[2] and has a nebulous shape, its street address is difficult to define. The City of Houston may list the address as 1800-3600 Allen Parkway/Memorial Drive, 77019.[3] Alternatively, the City may list the address as 500 Allen Parkway, 77002.[4] The City lists the park's San Felipe playground as 1717 Allen Pkwy, 77019.[5] The City lists the park's Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark as 103 Sabine Street, 77007.[6]

The western border of the park is Taft Street. Its eastern border is Sabine Street.[7] The northern border is Memorial Drive. Its southern border, Allen Parkway, is frequently closed due to parades, road running, and racewalking.[8]

The park hosts the Free Press Summer Fest annual music festival, the Houston Art Car Parade, and the Freedom Over Texas annual Fourth of July celebration.[9] In the past, the park hosted the Bob Marley Festival[10] and "The Westheimer Street Festival in Exile".


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