Eleanor Lay, usually styled Mrs Lay (active 1788–1790 in Brighton) was a publisher and print-seller, with a fashionable print shop on The Steine in Brighton. As well as selling prints from London publishers, she designed and published a number of prints herself, including four views of Brighton in 1788,[1] dedicated to Mrs. Fitzherbert. The original watercolours by Lay are in the Brighton Museum.[2] In 1789 she published two prints by the young Thomas Rowlandson[3] and also co-published several others for a drawing book by Rowlandson with the London publishers Samuel William Fores and John Harris.

One of her plates by Rowlandson A Sufferer for Decency was acquired by Thomas Tegg at some point and reissued by him with modified lettering in the 1810s in the Caricature Magazine.

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