El padre Gallo (English title:The priest Gallo) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Juan Osorio for Televisa in 1986.[1] It is an original story of Arturo Moya Grau, adapted by M.J. Rubio and directed by Gonzalo Martínez Ortega. It starred first actor Ernesto Gómez Cruz with Alejandra Ávalos and Fernando Ciangherotti.

El padre Gallo
Created byArturo Moya Grau
Written byM.J. Rubio
Directed byGonzalo Martínez Ortega
StarringErnesto Gómez Cruz
Alejandra Ávalos
Fernando Ciangherotti
Saby Kamalich
Narciso Busquets
Antonio Medellín
Humberto Dupeyrón
Dolores Beristáin
Opening themeEl padre Gallo by Leonardo Velázquez
Country of originMexico
Original languageSpanish
No. of episodes97
Executive producerJuan Osorio
Production locationsCuetzalan, Puebla
Running time21-22 minutes
Production companyTelevisa
Original release
NetworkCanal de las Estrellas
ReleaseNovember 3, 1986 (1986-11-03) –
March 25, 1987 (1987-03-25)



The setting is the small town of Cuetzalan which El Gallo, a bandit fugitive from justice who plans to avoid being found reaches. He decides on hiding in the village so no one ever suspect where he is. There he is confused by the village faithful for the new priest it was expected would come to town. The problem is that this priest died on the way and the Bandit found his body.

As he was dressed as an inmate he decided to take the cassock and dress himself in it. Now El Gallo has no choice but to go along with the villagers and impersonating a priest, a point in his favor because no one would ever suspect a priest as a fugitive from justice. Thus, "The priest Gallo" becomes the new priest of Cuetzalán that despite his obvious inexperience, soon the sympathy and affection of all the inhabitants win.

Alongside a love story starring Ray and Patricio develops. The first is a beautiful girl who disguises herself as a man for the day to keep her jobs, because if they were to discover that she was a woman she would be fired immediately. While the second is a young man who knows one night while dressed as a woman and falls for her.

Ray rightful, but suffers from not being able to see with Patricio during the day because she is not willing to lose the job that she worked so hard to achieve. Therefore, two lovers appear only at night, when Ray can show your true self and live freely her relationship with Patricio without arousing suspicion.




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