El Manzano (prison)

El Manzano is a prison in the city of Concepción, Chile. After the 2010 Chile earthquake, a prison riot began following a failed escape attempt by the inmates. Different parts of the prison were set on fire and the riot was only controlled after the guards shot into the air and received help from military units.[1]

Cárcel El Manzano
Vuelo sobre Concepción.jpg
The prison facility is visible in the lower center portion of the image.
LocationConcepción, Chile

On March 3 of 2005, it was reported that guards had found a 7 meter long tunnel made by inmates.[2]


Coordinates: 36°48′12″S 73°01′19″W / 36.803237°S 73.02201°W / -36.803237; -73.02201