El Juicio de Paris (Simonet)

El Juicio de Paris (The Judgment of Paris in English) is an oil-on-canvas painting[1] of the Greek myth, the Judgement of Paris. It was executed in 1904 by Enrique Simonet, a Spanish painter, and is one of the many works depicting the scene. The composition is 3.31 by 2.15 metres (10.9 by 7.1 ft). It is currently owned by heirs of Simonet, and is in the Museo de Málaga.[1]

El Juicio de Paris
Enrique Simonet - El Juicio de Paris - 1904.jpg
ArtistEnrique Simonet
MediumOil on canvas
Dimensions215 cm × 331 cm (85 in × 130 in)
LocationMuseo de Málaga, Málaga

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