El Granero Dam

El Granero Dam (Spanish: Presa del Granero, also known as the Luis L. Leon Dam) is an embankment dam on the Rio Conchos in north-central Chihuahua, Mexico. The dam was completed in 1968 to provide irrigation and flood control for the lower Rio Conchos valley.

El Granero Dam
El Granero Dam is located in Mexico
El Granero Dam
Location of El Granero Dam in Mexico
Coordinates28°59′07″N 105°16′49″W / 28.98528°N 105.28028°W / 28.98528; -105.28028Coordinates: 28°59′07″N 105°16′49″W / 28.98528°N 105.28028°W / 28.98528; -105.28028
Dam and spillways
Type of damEmbankment
ImpoundsRio Conchos
Height (foundation)62 m (203 ft)
CreatesEl Granero Reservoir
Total capacity.356 km3 (289,000 acre⋅ft)

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