"El Biscella" (transl. bully boy) is an Italian song in Milanese dialect[2] from the early 1960s composed by Giovanni D'Anzi[3] and Alfredo Bracchi.

"El Biscella"
Veduta della Porta Ticinese, Milano, vista dal corso San Gottardo verso il centro.jpg
Single by Giovanni D'Anzi
GenreFolk music
LabelMeldy Fonola
  • Giovanni D'Anzi
  • Alfredo Bracchi


"Biscella" is a Milanese word[4] meaning "curly" (derived from bisc-bish, meaning hedgehog), a kind of bully who tries to intimidate people, but whose clumsy manners and extravagant costumes make him more comical than dangerous.

The song tells the story of a "biscella" that lives in Porta Ticinese neighbourhood who goes to parties, and that everyone behind his back laughs[5] for his ridiculous clothes and his awkward way of dancing.


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