Ekaterina Voronina (film)

Ekaterina Voronina (Russian: Екатерина Воронина) is a 1957[2] Soviet drama film directed by Isidor Annensky.[3]

Ekaterina Voronina
Ekaterina Voronina (film).jpg
Russian: Екатерина Воронина
Directed byIsidor Annensky
Written byAnatoli Rybakov
Produced byLev Durasov
CinematographyIgor Shatrov
Edited byKsenia Blinova
Music byLev Shvarts
Release date
Running time
97 min
CountrySoviet Union


Katya Voronina, devoid of maternal upbringing, grew into an uncompromising girl. At the beginning of the war, she voluntarily went to work at the hospital. After the war, she received an education and became an engineer and the head of the river port, but she did not have a relationship with the head of the shipping company. And so, he is fired, and Katya realizes that he was her closest person.[4]



Isidor Annensky's film was watched by 27.8 million Soviet viewers, which is 473 results for the entire history of Soviet cinematography.[9]


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