Eivind Saxlund

Eivind Saxlund (1858 – 10 December 1936) was a Norwegian lawyer and writer.[1] He was a barrister by occupation, and worked cases brought before the Supreme Court of Norway. However, he is better known for his contributions to anti-Semitic literature. He published the pamphlet of Theodor Fritsch Jøder og Gojim ("Jews and Goyim") in 1910, translated it and wrote a preface, in Det 20de Århundre, with new editions published in 1911, 1922 and 1923. He also contributed to Mikal Sylten's anti-Semitic magazine Nationalt Tidsskrift, both financially and with articles.[1]

Saxlund in 1911

Together with Anna Magdalene Sundt (1863–1950), Eivind Saxlund had a son, Alf Eivind Saxlund, who also became a barrister.[2]

Saxlund died in late 1936,[3] before Norway became occupied by Nazi German (1940–1945).


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