Ein Rafa

Ein Rafa (Arabic: عين رافا‎ or عين رافة; Hebrew: עין ראפה‎) is an Arab village ten kilometers west of Jerusalem in Israel. Located on the other side of Route 1 to Abu Ghosh, it falls under the jurisdiction of Mateh Yehuda Regional Council. In 2019 it had a population of 1,250.[1]

Ein Rafa

עין ראפה
عين رافا • عين رافة
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Ein Rafa is located in Jerusalem
Ein Rafa
Ein Rafa
Ein Rafa is located in Israel
Ein Rafa
Ein Rafa
Coordinates: 31°47′26.33″N 35°6′58.6″E / 31.7906472°N 35.116278°E / 31.7906472; 35.116278Coordinates: 31°47′26.33″N 35°6′58.6″E / 31.7906472°N 35.116278°E / 31.7906472; 35.116278
Country Israel
CouncilMateh Yehuda
Founded byBarhom family


Ein Rafa was founded in the 1940s when the Barhom family moved from the nearby village of Suba into the valley. It expanded after 1948 when several other families left Suba and settled there.[2] Most of the residents of the village are descended from the Barhom family.[3] In 2007, there was controversy when one home built without a permit was demolished in the village.[3]

Members of Tzova kibbutz on a "courtesy visit" to Ein Rafa. 1948

Education and cultureEdit

In a co-existence project in Ein Rafa, children and teachers from the local school meet with Jewish children for joint activities in which they share food and games and become more trusting of one another.[4]

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