Eijsden railway station

Eijsden railway station (Edn) is the railway station of Eijsden, Limburg, the Netherlands. The station, which is the southernmost railway station in the Netherlands, opened on 24 November 1861, and was closed between 10 December 2006 and 11 December 2011.

Eijsden railway station
Coordinates50°46′19.06″N 5°42′36.14″E / 50.7719611°N 5.7100389°E / 50.7719611; 5.7100389Coordinates: 50°46′19.06″N 5°42′36.14″E / 50.7719611°N 5.7100389°E / 50.7719611; 5.7100389
Operated byNMBS
Line(s)spoorlijn 40
Other information
Station codeEdn
Opened24 November 1861
Closed10 December 2006
Rebuilt11 December 2011
SNCB logo.svg National Railway Company of Belgium
toward Hasselt
IC 13
toward Maastricht
IC 13
toward Maastricht
Eijsden is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

The railway station is located on the railway line between Liège-Guillemins (Belgium) and Maastricht (Netherlands). Only trains of the National Railway Company of Belgium between the two stations call in Eijsden; Nederlandse Spoorwegen trains don't serve the station.

When the National Railway Company of Belgium extended the InterCity line between Brussels-South and Liège-Guillemins to Maastricht, the regular local service between Liège-Guillemins and Maastricht was halted. The InterCity trains were too long to halt in Eijsden, so the railway station was closed. A new busline was opened between Maastricht and the railway station in Visé (Belgium) to serve Eijsden.

After the closure of the railway station, citizens of Eijsden formed the committee "Trein Terug In Eijsden" (Return the Train To Eijsden), which aims to reopen the railway station. Overhead lines at the station carry 3 kV direct current, like the Belgian railway network, whereas the Dutch railway network carries 1.5 kV. Regular Dutch electric trains are not able to reach Eijsden unless they are multi-system units.

As of 11 December 2011 Eijsden is again being served by Belgian trains, thus reopening the station after a 5-year closure.

Train servicesEdit

The station is served by the following service(s):

  • 1x per hour Local services (stoptrein) Hasselt - Liers - Liège - Visè - Maastricht (weekdays)
  • 1x per hour Local services (stoptrein) Liège - Visè - Maastricht (weekends)