Eight Views of Pyongyang

The Eight Views of Pyongyang are a collection of beautiful scenery of Pyongyang, Korea, that are alleged to have been handed down from the time of the Joseon dynasty, in the Korean poetry and paintings.[1]

Eight Views of Pyongyang
Revised RomanizationPyeongyang Palgyeong
McCune–ReischauerP'yŏngyang P'algyŏng

They were modeled after the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang of the Song Dynasty of China.

The Eight ViewsEdit

1. Admiring spring from Ulmildae (Ŭlmil Sangch'un, 을밀상춘/)
2. Enjoying the moon at Pubyokru (Pubyŏk Wanwŏl, 부벽완월/)
3. Monk searching at Yongmyongsa (Yŏngmyŏng Samsŭng, 영명삼승/)
4. Seeing off travelers at Pothong River (Pot'ong Songgaek, 보통송객/普通送客)
5. Boating on the Taedong River (Kŏmun Pŏpch'u, 거문범추/車門泛舟)
6. Listening to rain at the lotus pond (Ryŏndang Ch'ŏngu, 련당청우/)
7. Evening kingfishers at Mt. Ryongak (Ryongsan Manch'wi, 룡산만취/)
8. Spring floods at Mat'an (Mat'an Ch'ungyŏng, 마탄춘경/)

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