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Egnatius Lucillus[1] (died 268 AD) was a Roman senator who was appointed Consul Ordinarius in AD 265.


Lucillus was a relative of the Roman emperor, Gallienus, who was appointed consul posterior in 265 AD alongside Valerianus Minor. Nothing else is recorded about his career. It is assumed that he was one of the relatives of Gallienus murdered at Rome in 268 AD, after the assassination of Gallienus.[2]

It has been speculated that Lucillus was the son of Egnatius Lucillianus, the imperial legate in Britain under Gordian III. However, a familial relationship between the imperial members of the gens Egnatii and Egnatius Lucillianus has been described as “extremely doubtful”.[3]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Consul of the Roman Empire
265 AD
With: Valerianus Minor
Succeeded by