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Eduard Schwartz (22 August 1858 – 13 February 1940) was a German classical philologist.

Born in Kiel, he studied under Hermann Sauppe in Göttingen, under Hermann Usener and Franz Bücheler in Bonn, under Theodor Mommsen in Berlin and under Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff in Greifswald. In 1880 he obtained his doctorate from the University of Bonn.[1]

In 1884 he became a lecturer in Bonn, afterwards being appointed professor of classical philology at the University of Rostock (1887). This was followed by professorships at the Universities of Giessen (1893), Strasbourg (1897), Göttingen (1902) and Freiburg (1909). In 1914 he returned to Strasbourg, where he served as university rector in 1915/16. In 1919 he was a successor to Otto Crusius at the University of Munich.[1]

He published numerous articles and works in the area of Greek and Roman history, including on the Catilinarian conspiracy.[2] His magnum opus was a publication of the acts of oecumenical councils (ACO) from Ephesus (431) onwards.[3]

He died in Munich in 1940.


  • "De Dionysio Scytobrachione", (dissertation), Bonn 1880.
  • "Scholia in Euripidem", critical edition (volumes 1-2), Berlin 1887
  • "Quaestiones Herodotae", 1890.
  • Christliche und jüdische Ostertafeln (1905) (Online)
  • " Acta conciliorum oecumenicorum" (The Acts of the Ecumenical Councils) Berlin & Leipzig, 1914–1940.
    • Tome 1: Concilium Universale Ephesenum (AD 431)
    • Tome 2: Concilium Universale Chalcedonense (AD 451)
    • Tome 3: Collectio Sabbaitica contra Acephalos et Origenistas destinata (AD 536)
    • Tome 4: Concilium Universale Constantinopolitanum sub Iustiniano habitum (AD 553).
  • Zur Entstehung der Ilias (On the origin of the Iliad), Strasbourg 1918.
  • Das Geschichtswerk des Thukydides, (The historical works of Thucydides), Bonn 1919, second edition 1929.
  • "Codex Vaticanus Gr. 1431, Eine Antichalkedonische Sammlung Aus Der Zeit Kaiser Zenos", etc. [Selections from the Contents of the Codex, including letters from and to Saint Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria. With Introduction and Notes by E. Schwartz, 1927.[4]


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