Eduard Bohlen

Eduard Bohlen was a ship that was wrecked on the Skeleton Coast of German Southwest Africa (now Namibia) on 5 September 1909 in a thick fog. The wreck currently lies in the sand 400 m (1,300 ft) from the shoreline.[2][1]

Wreck of the Eduard Bohlen on Namibia's Skeleton Coast
Wreck of Eduard Bohlen on Namibia's Skeleton Coast
NameEduard Bohlen
OwnerWoermann-Linie, Hamburg
RouteHamburg - West Africa
BuilderBlohm & Voss, Hamburg
Yard number75
Launched23 October 1890
CompletedJanuary 1891
FateWrecked, 5 September 1909
General characteristics [1]
TypePassenger/cargo ship
Tonnage2,272 GRT
Length310 ft 6 in (94.64 m)
Beam38 ft 1 in (11.61 m)
Speed10.5 knots (19.4 km/h; 12.1 mph)
Capacity32 first class and 14 second class passengers


The ship in 1906.

The ship was a 2,272 gross ton cargo ship with a length of 94 m (310 ft). In September 1909, it ran aground in thick fog and was wrecked at Conception Bay while on a voyage from Swakopmund to Table Bay.[1]


The Bohlen lies near two wrecks of Otavi, which foundered here and sank in 1945, [3] and MV Dunedin Star, among the many wrecks of the Skeleton Coast.

In popular cultureEdit

A 1990s documentary on another vessel lost on the same beach miles away, the MV Dunedin Star, also featured the Bohlen. The wreck was featured in the 2011 television series Wonders of the Universe.[4] It was later featured in the 2016 Amazon Video series The Grand Tour.[5] It features as the finish point for 2020 sport relief The Heat Is On.


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