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EduTECH (conference)

EduTECH is an annual two-day[2] educational technology conference and exhibition in Australia.[3][4][5] The conference is held at the International Convention Centre Sydney[2][6] through Terrapinn Ltd.[7] Primary, secondary, tertiary and corporate education institutions come together annually to discuss opportunities of technology for teaching and learning outlets.[8]

EduTECH Logo.jpg
Status Active
Genre Education, Technology
Venue International Convention Centre Sydney
Location(s) Sydney
Country Australia
Inaugurated 2011[1]
Attendance 8,000 (2017)
Organised by Terrapinn Ltd



EduTECH consists of eight concurrent congresses and specialised masterclasses. Participants learn from the masterclasses that are built based on specialisation and interests. Masterclasses include K-12, higher education, VET sector, university, IT admin, library management, and workplace training. The K-12 Education Leaders class discusses technology and learning practices that reflect global education. The K-12 IT directors and managers class aims to establish and implement technology visions for schools. The K-12 Business managers and administrators class showcases practices for reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and boosting revenue through technology.[9]

There are also many vendors present at the venue, including Google, showing its Google Classroom for Education, Microsoft, JB Hi-Fi, infrastructure companies, wireless networking, data filtering, device manufacturers, software, smart-board makers, textbook publishers, learning management system companies, library software, hosting companies, teleconferencing, and furniture makers.[10]

The national conference and exhibition of educational technology began in 2011 with 520 attendees.[11] In 2016, it was announced that the conference would be held in Sydney the following year.[12]

2013 ConferenceEdit

EduTECH 2013 had over 3,000 participants and over 150 exhibitors.[9] The keynote speech was given by Daniel Pink, author and former speechwriter for Al Gore.[2] The 2013 speakers included Ken Robinson, an educationalist featured on TED talk,[11] Salman Khanm, Alan November and Stephen Heppell.[8][9]

2014 ConferenceEdit

The 2014 EduTECH event was attended by 5,200 people and an official event dinner had over 800 guests.[5][11] The show had over 200 exhibitors.[3] There were nine conferences for participants to choose[3] and eight masterclasses[5] which were led by industry leaders including Sugata Mitra, Ewan MacIntosh, and Gary Stager.[3][10] Ken Robinson was keynote speaker in 2014.[3] Other speakers included Christophe Roy, Diana Oblinger, Mike Dooner, Larry Conrad, Yong Zhao,[6] Jamie Sunderland, Nick Cross, and Angus Griffin.[13]

2015 ConferenceEdit

EduTECH 2015 had over 250 exhibits with approximately 6,000 attendees. The official dinner was held for 900 participants. Eight conferences were held with eight master classes following. The conference also featured TeachMeets and break-out sessions.[14][15] Keynote speakers included Heidi Hayes Jacobs,[16] Eric Sheninger,[17] Larry Rosenstock,[18] and Eric Mazur.[19]

2016 ConferenceEdit

In 2016, EduTECH had over 6,600 in attendance for its eight congresses, eight masterclasses, and other conferences.[20][21] Featured speakers for the event included former CEO of Telstra David Thodey,[22] Fuji Xerox Australia customer and markets insights manager Pam Fleming, Andy Hargreaves,[23] New Frontier 21 Consulting CEO Anthony Muhammad,[24] and game designer Jane McGonigal.[20] The smart phone program QParents, an app that allows parents to access a child's personal details, was announced at the expo.[25][26]

2017 ConferenceEdit

In 2017, EduTECH had over 8,000 in attendance for its eight congresses, nine masterclasses, and other conferences.[27]Speakers for the event included World Authority on Motivation and Author of 'Mindset' Carol Dweck, Director of Development ESSA Academy (UK) Abdul Chohan and Astronaught Greg Chamitoff.

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