Edgewater Cemetery

The Edgewater Cemetery (also known as Vreeland Cemetery) is a cemetery in the Bergen County, New Jersey community of Edgewater.[1]

Edgewater Cemetery
Established18th century
CountryUnited States
Size1.6 acres (6,500 m2)
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The 1.6-acre cemetery has its entrance on River Road nearby the near the Hudson River and the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. It is nestled between private residences and buildings that were once part of Alcoa Edgewater Works, an Alcoa aluminum processing plant,[2][3] at the foot of the Hudson Palisades.


The cemetery was created by the Vreeland family and was initially a private burial ground.[4] It holds the graves of local heroes from the American Revolutionary War through Spanish–American War. Two slaves also are buried there, as is Go-Won-Go Mohawk, an Indian princess and actress who married a former Indian fighter and settled in Edgewater, where she died in 1924. The last burial in took place in 1982.[2]

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Coordinates: 40°49′11″N 73°58′46″W / 40.819641°N 73.979453°W / 40.819641; -73.979453

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