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Eden Hotel in 2010

Eden Hotel is a former hotel and historic site located in La Falda, Argentina.


The hotel dates from 1897 and was constructed by a German hotelier. It subsequently passed into the hands of Walter and Ida Eichorn, Germans with strong ties to the German expatriate community in Argentina and supporters of Hitler and the Nazi Party.[1] The Argentine government seized the hotel following the nation's March 1945 declaration of war against Germany. The government cited the hotel as representing enemy property.[1]

Successive efforts to operate and revitalize the hotel continued through the 1960s, at which point the property finally ceased to house guests. In subsequent years the vacant property was repeatedly vandalized. In recent years[when?] the hotel has been partially restored and reopened by the local municipal authority as a tourist destination.[1]


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Coordinates: 31°05′30″S 64°28′02″W / 31.0917°S 64.4672°W / -31.0917; -64.4672